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If you are still confused about where to start writing your dissertation research methodology chapter, and would like some help selecting the right data collection and analysis methods, you can get in touch with our friendly team at Write Pass, who have already helped many students in the past getting their research finished to a high standard, advising them on topics, methodology, and structure.Submit your question and get professional help from one of our academic researchers.As you can see, the research methodology chapter is uniquely designed for case studies.

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The research methodology is an integral part of your study, and explains the methods you are planning to use to prove your thesis or answer your research question.

As an example, if you would like to research what customers think about a new product, you will need to design a research methodology that accurately answers the question: either interviews, focus groups, or questionnaires.

Preparing your research design is a challenging task, and involves the following tasks: You have to justify your research methodology decisions by showing your understanding of different techniques.

You also need to be aware of the risks and limitations of the selected data collection and analysis method, and show your competency in using different data analysis.

As you can see, this methodology research chapter includes the ethical considerations and the problems and limitations at the end of the section.

Read a sample quantitative research methodology chapter.

This is a key part of the answer that many students miss. It’s really important to have a clear, precise and accurate definition of the research method/s you’re writing about.

This could be either in the introduction or in the first body paragraph of the essay (i.e. After defining the method, the explanation of how and why should begin.

For example, if you’re explaining the use of a true experiment the “how” would include the nature of the independent variables and perhaps common ways the dependent variable is measured.

For instance, in true experiments on the brain the IV is commonly a factor hypothesized to affect brain activity like chemical messengers such as serotonin and the effects of the manipulation of this IV on the brain is measured using f MRI.


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