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Answering the question, “What does it mean to be species X? Each species is a product of evolution in relation to its environment.The process of natural selection adapts each species to survive and reproduce in its environment.For all those reasons, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution makes One interesting fact that involves the anatomical similarities between organisms is between dogs, wolves, and other members of the genus Canis.

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”—where X is any biological species other than humans.

Tinbergen posed these questions in an article titled “The Methods and Aims of Ethology,” but they also describe the methods and aims of evolutionary biology as a whole.[4] In this fashion, evolutionary biologists provide answers to the question, “What does it mean to be species X?

” Now imagine placing any given species in a different environment than its past range of environments.

Polar bears are white to conceal themselves from their prey and have myriad other adaptations to survive the arctic environment.

No species is perfectly adapted to its environment, and all species bear vestiges of the far distant past, reflecting the fact that evolution is a path-dependent historical process.


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