Essay On The Rabbit Proof Fence

By understanding what the themes are and what they mean to the story, you will have a better understanding of the actual film and what it actually means.

One in 1930 and one in present day, the 21st century.

A comparison of these two films would be made focusing on themes, major characters and symbols.

The boys in Yolungu Boy are much experiencing the same thing except they are not getting chased and unlike the girls they want an adventure.

A major part of both films is the themes portrayed by it.

It is also helpful to history students studying Australian history.

It tells about removal policies of Western Australian Government and why they were taken.

It outlines the experiences and hardships Aboriginal people had to go through because of white settlers.

This film helps general public and history students to acknowledge the true history of Australia.

They Aboriginal people are a very big part of the Australian tradition and culture.

have been living in the country for countless generations peacefully until white settlers came upon the land and took over.


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