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The Giver The Giver, written by Lois Lowry, is about Jonas who is a young boy selected by the Elders to be the Receiver of Memory.

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According to him it’s funny at how Jonas felt simple things like seeing and feeling snow and feeling the warmth of the sun turn incredible for him.

He also wanders what love is when given the memory of love by the Giver who told him that it’s his favorite emotion.

Jonas was angered by such discovery so he, together with the Giver, devised a plan of escape for Jonas together with Gabriel, the sick baby who is to be released through lethal injection the next day. In trying to escape, Jonas experience so much hardships and starvation.

The reader is left to interpret it the way he looks at how the story ended. There are positive and negative criticisms among different readers.

A person can be released from the community if he is really old, a sick infant or those persons who break the rules.

Jonas discovers after a year of training that people being released were actually being given lethal injection.Another critic says that as a book, The Giver is masterfully made.It’s about the change undergone by a Utopian State when the job of being “The Receiver” was given to a boy.It was during the ceremony where he saw an old man, the current Receiver, who will then be the Giver.They both have light eyes which are rarely found in their community.Another instance is when Jonas wonders hoe life in his world will be if it is filled with colors and memories and emotion.This critic also said that to show true emotion, the author showed a tearful Jonas when he found out that his father, a doctor, administers lethal injection to infants who are released from the community for being sick and weak.The same is true with Gabriel, a sick baby being taken cared by Jonas’ family who also has light eyes.He will be released from the community if he doesn’t get better within a year or two.It also shows that burdening one person with many problems is a bad thing to do.To deal with all the communities’ bad memories and emotions is painful to the Giver most of the time.


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