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The way of life of the two groups of Amerindians was also different.

Kalinago men and older boys lived together in a large rectangular house called a carbet.

The women and children lived in small one room huts.

This was to facilitate warrior training for the Kalinago men and boys.

On the other hand the Tainos lived as extended or nuclear families in small huts.

The largest hut called a caneye was the home of the cacique.On the other hand the Kalinagos leader (Ouboutou) was a brave warrior who could give them the best leadership during times of war.He only inherited his position through bravery in times of war.To make things simpler, here is an approach you can follow to craft the perfect essay hook -As a writer, you need to first establish who you are writing for and what is expected out of your essay.You need to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and brainstorm about what would interest them and keep them hooked.Although fishing and hunting were major occupations for both the Tainos and Kalinagos, there were differences in their other occupations. They grew many different crops such as cassava, beans, corn and other vegetables. They preferred to raid Taino villages or even other Kalinago villages to get food supplies.Also because the Kalinagos were a warlike group of people, fighting was an important occupation.As per our academic writing experts, essay hooks should be limited to 1-2 sentences.Starting your essay with a sentence that is interesting, informative and attention grabbing sounds like a mammoth task, doesn’t it?For example, if you are writing a narrative essay, it is a good idea to start with an engaging anecdote that creates a personal connection with your reader at the very beginning.You must also consider using a strong hook while writing your personal statement as that can increase your chances of being noticed.


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