Essay On Superstition Vs Science

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Many car accidents are caused by faulty brakes, and we can find evidence of brake failure after the accident.

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Science and superstition have some similarities and some differences but both will probably always be arguable.

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Even though science and superstition are different they have some similarities.

For one in some people’s minds they can both be proven.

What do we mean when we use the word “superstition”?

We are superstitious when we wrongly identify the cause of a particular effect, especially when we invoke a supernatural belief or myth in that estimation.The cost of wrongly believing that the rustle came from a lion when it just came from the wind is the wasted energy involved in running away.The deer could have stayed calm and continued to enjoy the fresh grass.Science and superstition have been a hot topic for many years. In this research paper science and superstition will be compared and contrasted and ultimately try to find out the truth to science and superstition. Science is defined as the intellectual study of physical and natural environments. Science experiments can however be complicated and will sometimes not have a definitive result. This topic however has caused controversy and can never seem to be resolved.Science and superstition are a controversial but hot topic. Superstition is considered to not be able to be tested.Both of the topics are under controversy but people are battling out these two topics.For others they don’t believe in superstition and only believe in science.Science and superstition have similarities and differences.Superstitions are our brain’s way of making sense of a perplexing world.Over time, as we learn nature’s truths and laws, we leave less space for the guesswork of superstition.


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