Essay On Sociology Of Health

The aim is to conduct a social network study on in the field of health behaviors (diet, alcohol, tobacco, output, sexuality, ...).

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Caring, informing patients, funding health care, clinical decision-making, team working and health care organisation are issues of interest for medical sociology.

This course helps the student to understand and analysie health care as sociological questions.

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The course covers major sociological issues from a micro, meso and macro perspectives.

It aims to develop the ability to analyze the health and health care as a sociological phenomenon: deviance, experience, network, power or inequality.

There are obvious differences in patterns of health and illness across societies, over time, and within particular society types.

There has historically been a long-term decline in mortality within industrialized societies, and on average, life-expectancies are considerably higher in developed, rather than developing or undeveloped, societies.

It addresses common issues in medical sociology such as health policies, health inequalities, illness experience, medical professions and doctor-patient relationships.

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