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For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.Statements of Lending: A statement that defines the type of loan, its maturities, quality and the size of loans. Establish a Lending Authority: It should clearly define who is authorized to a loan 3.

Apart from paying interest, a bank has a demand to staff, shareholders and society.

When lending funds the bank pose a risk of not only interest payable but also losing the depositors original funds. They are new clients of our bank, however they have reported that they are good long standing customers of their existing bank and are seeking financing through our bank due to their existing bank not having a local presence in Scotland. Shepherd are seeking to run the hotel together as a partnership; however they have no experience in this business.

In retail banking, the focus is on the individual consumer.

Retail banking aims to be the one-stop-shop for as many financial services as possible on behalf of individual retail clients.

That is, if a person does not meet the standards then the loan should be denied. Establishing Upper Limit to Loans: A statement defining the upper limit to a loan beyond which a loan cannot be allowed 11.

Define its Community: A description of the bank’s principal trade area, which most loans should come from. Trouble Loan: A discussion of the preferred procedures for detecting, analyzing, and working out problem loan situations.Outsourced third-party affiliations also offer ancillary services.All of the expanded offerings allow for increased convenience through greater connectivity of accounts, which helps customers to access funds and make personal transactions more quickly and easily.• Capacity: The loan officer must make sure the borrower has the authority to request a loan and the legal standing to sign a loan agreement.• Cash: The loan officer should make sure that the borrower has a stable stream of income and the ability to repay the loan.A loan policy gives loan officers and the bank’s management specific guidelines in making some loan decisions and in shaping the over all portfolios of the bank.The following are the most important elements of a Written Loan Policy; 1. The main function of a bank is to take in funds from surplus units, whom are persons that have excess funds (depositors) and lend to deficit units, whom are persons who are in need of funds to finance a need (borrowers).The main reason for a bank to lend is to make a profit.In the banking industry, consumers also rely on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to insure their bank deposits. Assignment # 4 1) One of the most important ways a bank can make sure its loans meet regulatory standards and are profitable is by establishing a written loan policy.


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