Essay On Patriotism In English For Class 9

Essay On Patriotism In English For Class 9-77
I believe that the good of no country can be obtained by any means but such as tend to that of all countries, nor ought to be sought otherwise, even if obtainable.1 Mill’s reputation is as a thinker; but we shall never fully understand his thought if we fail to recognize that he was always politically engaged and had a strong sense of himself as a shrewd strategist.2 Like many other aspects of John Stuart Mill’s thought, his attitude towards nationhood, nationalism, and related issues has been subjected to all sorts of misinterpretations and partial readings.In a vast body of literature (from at least as early as the publication of John [later Lord] Acton’s essay “Nationality” (1862) to the beginning of the twenty-first century), Mill has been seen as representing – and often incarnating – some of the most extreme – and, at the same time, mutually contradictory – positions vis-a-vis nationality and related phenomena.3 I have already argued elsewhere that despite a common misunderstanding, Mill was far from being an uncritical and naïve supporter of “nationalism” or “nationality”.

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He took the leap onto the moon to prove his patriotism.

In the Second World War, there was a shortage of workers needed to fulfill the cry for war supplies.

He is adored by his fellow-citizens who shed tears when he passes away.

History abounds with numerous burning examples of such patriots who sacrificed their lives for the cause of their native land.

‘On the morning of his execution,’ continued the officer, ‘my station was near the fatal spot, and I requested the Provost Marshal to permit the prisoner to sit in my marquee, while he was making the necessary preparations.

Captain Hale entered: he was calm, and bore himself with gentle dignity, in the consciousness of rectitude and high intentions.He asked for writing materials, which I furnished him: he wrote two letters, one to his mother and one to a brother officer.’ He was shortly after summoned to the gallows.But a few persons were around him, yet his characteristic dying words were remembered.It brings out compassion, courage, work ethics, and bravery in us all.Patriotism is love for and devotion to one’s own country.Millions of women stepped up to show their love and determination for their country.They worked to fulfill a call that men could not due to war.In India also, there were thousands of true patriots who gave their lives during India’s freedom movement.Citizens by birth or choice, of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections.-JD Patriotism Brandon Fisher 8th Grade Edgewood Middle School Patriotism is the zealous love for one’s country. It spreads from one soul to the next like an unstoppable wildfire.There is no cure for such a disease; for this is one of pure determination and pride.


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