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The slogan was primarily used to advocate outsourcing as a viable business strategy.

Drucker began explaining the concept of "Outsourcing" as early as 1989 in his Wall Street Journal article entitled "Sell the Mailroom." Sometimes the effect of what looks like outsourcing from one side and insourcing from the other side can be unexpected: The New York Times reported in 2001 that "6.4 million Americans ..

Another motivation is speed to market; to make this work, a new process was developed: "outsource the outsourcing process." Details of managing Du Pont's CIO Cinda Hallman's $4 billion 10-year outsourcing contract with Computer Sciences Corporation and Anderson Consulting were outsourced, thus avoiding "inventing a process if we'd done it in-house." A subsequently developed term to describe this is Outsourcing can offer greater budget flexibility and control by allowing organizations to pay for the services and business functions they need, when they need them.

It also reduces the need to hire and train specialized staff, makes available specialized expertise, and can reduce capital, operating expenses, in the 1990s by the "legendary management consultant" Peter Drucker.

Every company has its own reason for doing this, with many chasing lower labor costs.

You don’t want to trade quality for price, but outsourcing often allows you to get the best of both worlds.If you plan on outsourcing, you need to take steps to ensure that it doesn’t have a negative effect on company culture.A positive work culture leads to a higher level of productivity, so you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize this.This allows you to avoid bringing an employee into the company, which saves you money on everything from benefits to training. Access To A Larger Talent Pool When hiring an employee, you may only have access to a small, local talent pool. Many companies have found that outsourcing gives them access to talent in other parts of the world.If you need specialized help, it often makes sense to expand your search.There are many pros and cons of outsourcing, all of which you should carefully consider before deciding for or against this strategy.With the ability to affect company culture, this isn’t something to take lightly. Did it benefit your company, or result in more harm than good?Outsourcing is said to help firms to perform well in their core competencies, fuel innovation, and mitigate a shortage of skill or expertise in the areas where they want to outsource.Following the adding of management layers in the 1950s and 1960s to support expansion for the sake of economy of scale, corporations found that agility and added profits could be obtained by focusing on core strengths; the 1970s and 1980s were the beginnings of what later was named outsourcing.Outsourcing is also the practice of handing over control of public services to private enterprises, or nearshoring (transferring a business process to a nearby country).Offshoring and outsourcing are not mutually inclusive: there can be one without the other.


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