Essay On My Parents For Class 2

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For a short time I was bounced between grades two and three again before my step-father dictated a second move, requiring yet another change of schools.

My name is Samantha Sidhu and I was born on November 15, 1977, in Beau, Québec.

I was the third and last child of my parents, Joseph, a self-employed mechanic, and Anna, a homemaker.

We grew up impoverished and my parents had a difficult and stormy relationship.

They would often fight in front of us, which was distressing.

Finally, I left my mother and step-father and returned to live with my father before heading into grade six.

By the time I went into high school, I was set upon a better path and my learning improved dramatically.

My parents had never completed high-school and had never saved for their daughters' educations, so no matter my interest in veterinary work, medicine or marine biology, I knew I would need to obtain student loans and probably work while attending university.

Debt was an unfamiliar and frightening prospect, especially given the amount of schooling required for these types of careers.

My sisters, Nancy and Diana, are four and five years older than me, respectively.

Our hometown of Clear Field is a small, picturesque village in the rural Eastern Townships, but life was never easy.


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