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Read More The evidence of evolution is exhibited in the biodiversity of earth, that is the vast array of different species each adapted to specific environments to promote the survival of each species.

Natural selection plays a crucial role in evolution.

And if you have to do anything that raises your risks for clots, like have surgery, make sure your doctors know.

If you do need treatment, you’ll take a blood-thinning drug to help prevent clots from forming. You also lower your risk for blood clots when you: Make exercise a habit. When you sit still for hours at a time -- like on a long car or plane ride, or even while working at a desk or binge-watching on your couch -- it slows your blood flow down and makes clots more likely.

In laymans terms natural selection means survival of the fittest meaning ...

Read More Microbes are ubiquitous organisms that affect all living things in some way.If you’ve never had a dangerous clot, you likely won’t need any treatment.You’ll just need to know, and watch for, DVT symptoms.Proteins that are dysfunctional or incomplete are undeniable symptoms of DNA mutations and causes of diseases and terminal cancers. Read More The following study was conducted in order to determine the impact of UV mutation at different loci on the physiological processes of DNA repair in three different strains of Schizosaccharomyces pombe, also known as fission yeast.Fission yeast has become a notable model system for it can be used to ...Read More DNA replication is a multi-step process that is essential to cell division.If DNA is replicated incompletely or incorrectly, then dysfunctional proteins will be produced. If you have a prothrombin gene mutation, your body makes too much of it. If only one of your parents had this gene glitch, you’re two to three times more likely to have a DVT than someone without it.Hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills, especially those with estrogen, can add to your risk for a DVT.So if you know you have a prothrombin gene mutation, make sure your doctor knows that before you start such treatments.Also, most women who have this mutation have normal pregnancies.


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