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In many respects he defined normative Judaism, both in his own Sephardi world and in the rabbinical Ashkenazi academies.

Maimonides is equally cherished as a medical pioneer.

He was born in Spain, but spent most of his life in Egypt.

His works ranged from a commentary on the Mishnah to his Code of Law (summarising the whole of Jewish law) and the philosophical work, the Guide for the Perplexed. knew that all were mistaken and that what caused them to err was worship of the images which drove the Truth out of their minds.

Many have tried, but no one has succeeded completely.

Moses Maimonides is the English name for Moshe ben Maimon.

The rabbi’s most loved book is Dalalat al-ha’Irin – ‘Guide for the Perplexed’ (translated into Hebrew as Moreh Nevuchim).

It addresses everyday moral dilemmas and synthesises Jewish revelation with Aristotelian philosophy.

However, many rabbis feared that such rationalising would undermine their authority.

They attacked him in his lifetime; in 1233 one French rabbi even persuaded church authorities to burn the Guide as a heretical book.


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