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Nevertheless, it is practically impossible, at least on the current level of the development of technologies, refuse from the use of materials and products that contribute to the growth of solid waste (Suid 1993).Unlike, some other types of waste, solid waste possesses certain characteristics which make it quite dangerous to the environment and may affect considerably human health.

Right quality and adequate quantity of equipment such as the color coded containers, the syringe and needle destroyers (including some spare as standby), covered trolleys for transportation of waste, the personal protection equipment (gloves, goggles, gum boots, aprons), the autoclaves/hydroclave/incinerator, etc.4.

Availability of waste bags and containers of authorized pattern, suitable sizes and printed warnings, (at all points of waste generation in the hospital) and disinfectants, detergents, insecticides, pesticides for cleaning and disinfection.5.

Biomedical waste, therefore, is a serious safety hazard and needs to be collected, segregated, neutralized/treated and disposed off as per the Rules.

Important safety measures are discussed, in brief, below.1.

A system for its safe disposal has been spelt out in the BMW Management Rules.

It requires some initial capital and nominal recurrent expenditure. What is required is training of staff in implementing the laid down procedures and monitoring by the management that the procedures are being correctly implemented.

Destruction and disinfection of used needles/syringes at the point of generation in the manner prescribed.10.

Availability of SOPs/”Do’s” and “DON’Ts” at every point of waste generation.11.

Continuous meticulous training of all staff about the correct ways of handling and disposal of BM waste and a policy for not allowing any new staff to handle the waste without proper initial training.8.

Category-wise segregation of waste at the point of generation and collection of waste in the waste bags/containers of the prescribed color, by the staff generating the waste.9.


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