Essay On Injustice In To Kill A Mockingbird

Justice and its relationship with prejudice is the central theme of the timeless 1960 novel, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.Its focal point is the trial of Tom Robinson, an African-American erroneously charged with the rape of a white girl, Mayella Ewell.For individuals and society as a whole, justice will always be an issue.

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The title of the novel contains very literal connection to the plot, but it carries a great deal of symbolic weight in the book.

In a story of innocence destroyed by evil, the ‘mockingbird’ comes to represent innocence and victims of social prejudice.

There are far too many examples of the people of Maycomb using racial slurs.

As wrong as it may seem, Tom Robinson was black, and because of this he ended up being killed which makes him a clearly seen victim of injustice.

Thus Atticus warns his children not to shoot a mockingbird, both literally and figuratively, as “it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” This symbolism of the mockingbird is linked specifically with the unjust trial of Tom Robinson and his death, which is likened “to the senseless slaughter of song birds.” It is symbolic of a mockingbird being shot down when Tom is accused of the rape of Mayella Ewell, a white girl, thus putting his word, the word of a “sorry negro” against the word of a white woman.

His crime being that he “felt sorry” for a white woman, and that “all Negros lie, that all Negros are basically immoral beings.” Through this the racial prejudice which is specifically targeted toward the African-American community, is clearly illustrated.

The story is narrated by the protagonist, Scout, as an adult woman nostalgically recalling her early childhood over a two-year period.

It is presented with the naivete and youth which characterise the observations of an innocent.

Tom Robinson, the most obvious of characters that suffered injustice, receives my deepest sympathy because he was a victim of physical injustice who suffered the worst consequence, death.

For all the good deeds he did for Mayella Ewell, he eventually ended up dead.


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