Essay On Identical Twins

Some might argue that this type of bond can occur in any set of two siblings and that it doesn’t have to be between twins.

This may be true but the chance of it occurring in twins is so much higher. His parents started treating them as individual persons more so in the fourth grade.

No matter how much you support individualism however, the relationship between the twins will still be strong and will always be present.

Furthermore, twins when conceived are either born from one egg and sperm or from two.

The third factor contributing to the twin bond, Pearlman explains, is that they become each other’s transitional objects—you know, that teddy bear or security blanket that helps to ease the pain when Mommy’s not around.

“That teddy bear can also be replaced with a twin,” she says.From a practical point of view, most young twins do everything together from eating and sleeping to bathing and playing.Although done to save time (and a parent’s sanity), this high access to each other has an added bonus—helping to cement a strong intra-twin relationship.Even if you don’t hang out together all the time or have exactly the same interests, you are the same age and experience most of the same things and can have someone to talk to about it Most twins, especially if they are identical, stress being individuals as much as possible.They want to be their own person and not dress or act like their twin.Even in the womb, there was a lot of working together sharing a very small space.” Yet it’s not only this preordained creation that makes the twin bond so special; there are other forces at work, too.One of the sets of twins I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know is a little different in this way.Doris and Dora decided long ago that becoming an individual wasn’t nearly as important as staying inseparable.Being individuals like I said is important to most twins and their parents should help aid this process throughout life. They were put into separate classes so they could be themselves and obtain their own friends.The family also tried hard to not refer to them as “girls” and to call them by their names and treat each one as a separate relationship.


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