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That is to say, why, how, what, when and where do the going green and its concepts make sense in the contemporary era?

Thus, taking into account the abovementioned summary, the following paragraph should answer the question which attests itself to the core of the ‘subject matter’ discussion.

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Precisely, from a general interpretation of the said question, the answer is yes.

Hence, many related question to the subject matter is meant to give a detailed analysis and attempts in that capacity also tries to relate and answer the reporter question on the said topic being raised.Taking the ‘Going Green’ phrase and its concepts in the discussion of this report, we come to the conclusion that there are no short resources and discussion topic when it matter to analyze the bigger picture related to green projects in the corporate world, and not to forget the globalised environment of the contemporary world and its economies at large.Taking a short and quick views of the ‘going green’ phrase, we further come to the conclusion in parts and fragments that the eco-friendly projects and the trends related to the same appear to have taken over the imagination of any conscious individual and corporate honchos.Put it in generic terms for the concepts, it is not only fashionable to go green, either when the case can be looked within the food habits, the change in technology and lifestyles etc; but it also shows a responsible side to save mother earth from the negative effects of global warming, where a concern in that regard are carried out in the manner of propagating green project with full course. Hence, in that capacity, there is always an urgent need that calls for a sustainable move to take centre stage, even when it applies to corporate and management practices within the organization realms, and in the course of time assists in contributing something for the benefits of mother nature that have blessed us with numerous benefits.However, what is surprising is the fact that the wrong move in which mankind have taken in the many years prior to the industrial revolution and then onwards have meant that much of the materialistic greed’s have compromised with the very idea of economic growth and advancement, where the accidental destruction have already been felt.In the current scenario we can witness that the ‘going green’ concepts and projects related to the same is one good move from the part of inhabitants to clean off the many wrongs that have already been felt and bestowed on mother nature, and especially the negative impact that it have had.Thus, the case can be looked to the urgency of the global warming scenario.Thus, in that respect, the green factor or the ‘going green’ phrase and its concepts have become a norm and phenomena of sorts, which familiarize even with a layman in the streets.Hence, commenting on the recent development and impact those global economic growths have had at best come close to the idea of ‘going green’, and why it matter in that regard.Secondly, put in it in the words of the said strategist, environmental crises, be it in cases such as global warming, rising water level in the oceans etc, shows a clear picture of the situation our world are faced with in the current scenario, and the citizen living in its nature have found themselves in” (Winston, 2009) The sorry state of nature that we have found ourselves entangled in is clear and precise, and the effect and impact of environmental crisis is for all to have a second thought on “how to bring about innovation and technology in the business context that is sustainable in nature.The sorry state and carbon emission rate from developing and developed countries in the global economy is one main factor that add to the worried list of environment crisis” (Winston, 2009).


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