Essay On Ethnic Problems In Pakistan

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Essay On Ethnic Problems In Pakistan

Another report of Spdc has revealed clearly the poverty status of Pakistan, 65.5percent in Baluchistan, 58.5 percent in NWFP, 28percent in Punjab, 21 percent in sindh.It demands its immediate remedy because it threatens the peace, prosperity and stability of free Pakistan. The use of machinery on large scale in production is a very important cause.It has reduced the scope for human labor to a great extent.The National Planning Commission has already formulated a programme to solve unemployment. After passing some year’s constitutional crises erupted. Mismanagement of resources is one of the major challenges which Pakistan has been facing. These natural resources are now on the verge of destruction. Government should launch new and effective opportunities to curb the menace of poverty.Points : Introduction - Causes of unemployment in Pakistan. Unemployment is a major economic and social problem of our country. It is very serious and alarming and it has given birth to many evils.It is found not only among educated people, but there are millions of laborers, peasants, and unskilled or half-skilled workers who are unemployed to-day.Hence the means of employment cannot keep pace with the growing population. The desk jobs are insufficient to absorb the growing number of educated young men. Our Government is fully alive to the gravity of the problem.The defective system of our education is also responsible for this serious problem. It is making an all-out effort to solve it as speedily as it is possible.


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