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Project management is also a valuable asset in economic, social, and political spheres of the society (Joelle 6).

To understand the significance of project management in an organization, I interviewed Dr Sridar, a senior project manager at Cisco Company.

Reductionism and CST, feminism and postmodernism are just some of many research paradigms that can contribute to nursing knowledge. As rearing children pose diverse challenges in terms of ensuring that the most appropriate behavior would be manifested through life, parents are accorded different techniques on how to discipline their offspring.

The issues concerning childhood discipline have currently emerged as controversial due to the use of corporal punishment, deemed by several researchers, to be the most effective method for childhood discipline.

The metaparadigm also promotes, reflects, and describes “the shared beliefs and values of the nursing discipline” (Monti & Tingen 1999).

These may include but are not limited to caring and respect, autonomy and beneficence, health promotion and ethical conduct (Monti &...

In this regard, the current research contends that responsible and non-abusive forms of......?

Attendance and Discipline Referrals Introduction School education plays a profound role in the growth and development of a child.

University education is the basic prerequisite for preparing professional nurses, who are able to make wise professional judgments, pursue continuous education, and use their knowledge to expand the boundaries of the nursing profession. A discipline is usually defined as “a community of interest that is organized around the accumulated knowledge of an academic or professional group” (Monti & Tingen 1999, p.64).

The discipline of nursing is complex, and it describes and explores the complexity of the human caring paradigms and successfully balances the art and science of nursing (Monti & Tingen 1999).


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