Essay On Compassion Is The Basis Of All Morality

Mc Carthy uses his book to examine why it is that some humans continue to hold onto hope in the face of such overwhelming odds, and why it is that others give up when faced with the same situations.

The father, who, like his son, remains unnamed throughout the entire story, feels obligated to keep on living in order to protect his remaining flesh and blood; his only child.

The aim here is not to summarize their views or compare them on all matters ethical.

Instead, the task is to examine several key areas where we can reasonably see Kant as responding to or influenced by Hume, or where comparisons between their views are particularly fruitful. The most important difference is that Kant sees law, duty, and obligation as the very heart of morality, while Hume does not.

On a day-to-day basis, we are more aware of our physical circumstances than we are of our spiritual conditions.

Although we exhibit a natural tendency to reject His offer of mercy, we should come to understand that the opportunity to receive spiritual help from Jesus is more important than what is merely required for our physical bodies.There are many instances where one may perceive specific conditions in which people will be more likely to feel compassion.There are also differences in the degree of an individual’s feelings of compassion, and that many people and cultures view compassion as a basic human value.An incident where the son proves his compassion towards humanity is during the encounter with a wandering old man, whom the father is coaxed into feeding, by the pleading of the son.The father does not want to help, yet he sees his son has a need to, and asks, “What do you want to give him?The relationship between Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) and David Hume (1711–1776) is a source of longstanding fascination.Kant credited Hume with waking him from his “dogmatic slumber”, and he describes the , arguably the most important work of modern philosophy, as the solution to the “Humean problem in its greatest possible amplification” (Prol 0–61).In the book, The Road, the story tells the tale of a boy and his father, traveling south to escape the hard winter that is falling in a world devastated by an unnamed apocalyptic event, most likely a nuclear war.Along their harsh and dangerous journey, they encounter other survivors, most are of the unsavory variety, be it cannibals, thieves or rapists.” The boy replies, “We could cook something on the stove.He could eat with us.” The man is unwilling to hazard any exposure to find out whether this man is good or not, while the boy desires to renew…


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