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The impacts of climate change are many and varied, as all life on earth and many of the planet’s physical processes are heavily influenced by temperature.A warming planet means that sea levels will rise as water takes up more space as it heats up.

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It makes it possible to extend climate impact analysis to regions and countries for which there are no detailed data from hospital records as only coarse monthly data on mortality are needed.

The danger of climate change lies not necessarily in the shift in average temperatures, but more so the increase in frequency of extreme heat events.

The first essays shows that singular spectrum analysis can be used for the estimation of this base rate mortality and thus allows to isolate the impacts of climate extremes on human mortality.

This methodology is an improvement over approaches based on fixed effects or classic spectral analysis.

It tends to be highest in winter and lowest in summer.

The nonlinear trend follows changes in health policies, economic growth rates, and other institutional factors.The total concentration of these gases has risen greatly since the start of the Industrial Revolution in Europe and the average global temperature has also risen over that time period.As the atmosphere heats, scientists predict that this will have dangerous disruptive effects on the Earth’s climate.Yet, while heat waves become more common, cold spells become less frequent.As both types of extreme temperature events increase human morbidity and mortality, the net effect of this shift is unknown.While no single event can be proved to be the result of climate change, many climatic trends and events that have been observed already are consistent with scientific predictions.The main source of scientific information on climate change is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was set up in 1988 by the UN Environment Programme and the World Meteorological Organization. Instead it gathers thousands of scientists to review the global body of knowledge about climate change and to summarize it in a way that policymakers can use.Meanwhile powerful forces, notably the polluting industries and fossil fuel sector, have deep vested interests in maintaining business-as-usual.In industrialized countries, many people would rather believe that climate change was not real than accept that their lives must change to meet the threat.While this should be a focal point for policy makers, the costs of climate change tend to be presented within an expected utility framework.Yet, the potential behavioral reactions to this uncertainty are –so far– neither explored nor accounted for in game-theoretic models of climate coalition building.


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