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Skinner believed that it is simply human nature that we behave in such a way that we would receive rewards or favorable things.

If we want to experience reinforcement, then we should develop personality traits that are positive, such as those attributes included in the "agreeableness" category of the Big Five (e.g.

Behaviourists believe that the aim of education is to provide learners with the appropriate repertoire of responses to specific stimuli.

Information, in the form of the appropriate behaviour for a certain stimulus, is transmitted from the teacher to the learner and learning is described as “the acquisition of a new behaviour or the modification of behaviour as a result of teaching, training or tutoring” (Woollard, 2010, p. Behavioural responses are reinforced through the use of an effective reinforcement schedule which breaks down material into a sequence of small tasks, consistently repeats the material, and provides positive reinforcement to correct responses (Skinner, 1976).

Personality and behavior are no doubt connected with each other.

Essay On Behaviorist Theory

Our behavior provides us hints on who we truly are, and our personality traits are given meaning by the way we behave.

Therefore, from this perspective, disruptive behaviour is considered to be an undesirable response to a set of stimuli, and children can be taught more desirable responses through the use of reinforcement.

Using this basic theory, behaviourism has had considerable influence on classroom management techniques and the encouragement of appropriate behaviours in the classroom.

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