Essay Mexican Revolution

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Ap World History Compare And Contrast Essay Prompts - Essay Mexican Revolution

A member of the American Press described the role of Soldaderas: "[Huerta] not content with the wholesale impressments among men to fill the depleted ranks of the federal columns, women by the hundreds [were] seized by Huertas orders and forced to abandon their homes" There were also some Soldaderas who fought with the rebels, and those who provided health and upport to both sides. The president of Mexico at that time was Porfirio Diaz that had been president for over 30 years, who was also a dictator with, Victoriano Huerta and Venustiano Carranza.Francisco Madero that was educated in Europe and at the University of California led a series of strikes throughout the country for new election of president.Others, according to some historians, were forced by their husbands to accompany them to battle.They were either made to be sexual companions or enslaved camp followers.Russia was an Autocracy, which means that the Tsar had total power.People in Russia wanted to make Russia more of a democracy. Wealthy people that didn't want things to change in Russia influenced Nicholas.Rich people who weren't the most of the population ran Russia.About four-fifths of the populations were peasants.They foraged for food, cooked and helped set up the camps.In many cases, they proved themselves much more honorable than the men.


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