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Very often, teenagers, children, and even adults impersonate acts on television.

In many cases these acts are violent, and cause people serious harm.

By news we are not talking about the political category only but also culture, sports, cinema, science, natural calamities and happenings and not the least education.

Even about half a century ago, the only sources of such information were the Newspapers and the Radio.

The Social Effects of Television The social effects of television are numerous and definitely vary in positive and negative ways.

Since television was first introduced it’s been a very large part of America’s society.

Free sample essay on the Influence of Television on Youth.

Television today is one of the most powerful media available to the common man through which he has the facility of getting updated regarding the current news of the world.

But it is a different scene today with a fierce competition between different channels like CNN and ABC of U. They further have specialized channels beaming programmes related to one nature only, be it music, cinema or sports.

The viewers can veritably splurge on these programmes.


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