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Research has found that intense degrees of happiness may be costly as it can lead to negative outcomes instead of benefiting us (Oishi, Diener, & Lucas, 2007).Scott Crabtree, in his , mentions that the ideal number for self-reported happiness is an 8 out of 10, with 10 being always happy.He explains that a person who is extremely happy, and always happy, may not be completely in touch with reality.

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We spend a great deal of time pursuing things we believe will make us happy.

It is also a common belief that we can all benefit from becoming happier.

On the other hand, sleeping beyond the recommended eight hours can increase the risk of heart problems.

Activities like having sex, washing your hands, and eating healthy food, when done excessively, can all lead to serious health problems.

The state is responsible for ensuring the welfare state that allows American reach the degree of happiness which all desire.

Essay Happiness Pursuit

We have all used these lines at one point in our lives.Ironically, we are already happy, likely to be equally happy in the future and even to feel quite satisfied with life in later years.What happens is that our human nature leads us to an egocentric quest for an unattainable “heaven on earth” and so we lose the opportunity to make a journey of heroes, which would lead to a more meaningful life.“The Pursuit of Happyness” is the title of an American film starring actor Will Smith.This film is based on the fascinating true story of Chris Gardner, and tells us the difficulties of a man who struggles to overcome the obstacles to give his child a better life.”Many thinkers give irrefutable that Jefferson took the idea of the text of the English philosopher, John Locke, except that Locke used the phrase “life, liberty and property” as the main natural rights.However, by replacing part of the “property” by the “pursuit of happiness”, Vernon Louis Parrington, historian and American professor, Pulitzer Prize for History in 1928, explains that Jefferson was influenced by the French vision of a humanitarian democracy which calls for a Constitution designed to safe. to a useless and senseless competition, believing that money or sensual pleasures pave the way towards the satisfaction and self-fulfillment.Contrary to popular beliefs, studies have shown that excess levels of experiences, emotions, and mental states can lead to becoming unhealthy (Gruber et al., 2011).This applies not only to negative experiences but also positive states like happiness.Their study talks about how the pursuit of happiness does not always contribute to positive outcomes.Gruber and colleagues focused on four aspects of how happiness can have a dark side: intensity, timing, the pursuit of happiness, and types of happiness.


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