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To what extent was this true, both of Louis XIV and his two successors? Describe the relationship between the Bourbon monarchy and the French people in the century before 1789. Identify and discuss two individuals who attempted to achieve fiscal and political reform in France during the 1780s. How did these bodies contribute to the developing revolution? Explain the events of 1788 that led to Louis XVI calling for the convocation of the Estates-General. What were the and what did they suggest about the mood of the French people on the eve of the revolution? Why did French harvests fail in the late 1780s, leading to a downturn in agricultural production?How did French kings impose their will on the nation? In what ways did the Roman Catholic religion support the Bourbon monarchy – and how was the church itself supported by the state? Discuss the relationship between the Bourbon monarchy and the Second Estate. Explain how the ideological foundations of the French monarchy were challenged and possibly undermined by Enlightenment philosophers and writers. According to Simon Schama, the Bourbon monarchy was threatened by “whispering campaigns”. What impact did this have on the lives of ordinary people? What factors and forces led to the failure of reformist policies in the 1780s?Did Mirabeau seek to advance revolutionary change – or to restrict it? What were the political, social and economic objectives of the Civil Constitution of the Clergy? Evaluate the relationship between the National Constituent Assembly and the French peasantry and working classes.

For example, the victim of terror was Count Beauharnais, an innocuous drinking officer, the husband of Josephine, the future companion of Napoleon’s life.

At the first stage of the Great French Revolution (1789-1791), an absolute monarchy was overthrown in France and a constitutional monarchy with limited suffrage was established.

Explain the meaning and validity of this statement. Identify and discuss reasons for the arrest and execution of Robespierre and his supporters in July 1794. What steps did the Thermidorian leaders take to wind back the Terror and purge France of Jacobinism? “The leaders of Thermidor attempted to return France to the political, economic and social values of 1789.” To what extent is this true? Citation information Title: “French Revolution essay questions” Authors: Brian Doone, Jennifer Llewellyn, Steve Thompson Publisher: Alpha History URL: Date published: July 30, 2018 Date accessed: September 06, 2019 Copyright: The content on this page may not be republished without our express permission.

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Which people, groups or regions were actively opposing the revolution? What was the ‘flight to Varennes’ and why did it change the political landscape in the new society? What were the causes and outcomes of the Champ de Mars massacre?

How and why did this event change the development of the new society? Evaluate the brief life and political impact of the Legislative Assembly. Why is August 10th 1792 considered a pivotal day in the course of the revolution?

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It violates many important issues of French timeline of the 18 century: the crisis of the three estate systems, declaration, the convention, regents and more.

The revolution, the revolt of the lower classes and the capture of the Bastille led to anarchy in the country and the so-called “Jacobin terror”.

The new rulers resorted to the physical annihilation of supporters of the monarchy and the class of aristocrats.


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