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Your goal is to show how your interests and abilities fit the program and faculty.There are very few things that are as interesting yet as confusing as the unique enigma that is the human brain.Our diverse behaviours and our intricate personalities that make us who we are must have a cause...Earlier this year I was involved in a car accident, and as I sat among the wreckage I was shocked to see not one person stopped to help me. If it weren’t for the science of Psychology, this and so many other questions about human behaviour would go unanswered... I often observe my class mates and ask myself why they are so different, struggling with attention or eating disorders.While looking for reasons, I also want to find ways to help them and I am confident that Psychology will give me the means to do so...Condemnation does not liberate it, it oppresses.’ When I first read this passage by Carl G.Jung, I couldn’t absorb it until the time when I tried to deter one boy from bullying the others in my class at middle school...Psychology interests me because nothing is ever certain.Even when it comes to the treatment of individual illnesses, there is no set way of treating a patient, and often it is only a mix of many approaches that can solve an issue entirely...I consider that my interest for the social movement arise from that place...Sigmund Freud - “Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” There are few other things that arouse greater fascination than the human mind itself, its complexity and the mystery which enshrouds it has always appealed to me, which is why it is my dream to study psychology at university...


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