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Sometimes these dreams become nightmares because of the hardships that are endured through the trials of life and society.Many immigrants from Europe coming to America in hope of prosperity and easy living found themselves in conditions that were paralleled by the conditions in the European slums of the inner city.Their dream is simple in some ways, yet very complex in others.

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A dream is something one indulges in, to escape momentarily from life.

In the book, Of Mice and Men dreams are Every character in the book seem to be craving for something.

Joesph Fontenrose comments that the novel I about “the vanity of human wishes” (Fontenrose 375).

Dreams and willpower are necessary to keep hope alive in people.

However the dream kept some hopes alive and could not be suppressed by the heartbreaking circumstances endured by all Americans.

Many moved to the west in California to escape from their land in the mid west.The dream of most American’s at this time period surrounding the book “Of Mice and Men” was only a large cesspool of dying hopes that were kept alive by wishes and aspirations even without success.They often have no power fulfillment or credence to them even though we as humans put so much belief and effort in them."No matter how hard you try, you may never achieve your dreams." This shows that in the book, dreams don't tend to come true.In the book, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George and Lennie, two men, are on a quest to try and achieve their dreams.When George meets up with Lennie after the incident with Curley's wife, he knows that the dream is over for him. As he and George sit, watching the water, George describes to Lennie, one last time, how it's gonna be.However, I believe that this time, he is describing Heaven to Lennie, rather than the little farm.Crook's dream to be accepted is ruined as people view him differently because of his skin color.Crooks' dream is to be accepted, to fit in and to not be lonely.What was once the land of opportunity was now the land of desperation.What was once the land of hope and optimism had become the land of despair.


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