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Many groups oppose the idea because they consider it to be inhuman and ethically wrong.They believe that cloning is a way for humans to play God and they will not support the cloning of meat because of ethical issues.

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While the cloning business isn’t well accept they are plenty of eager consumers who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to clone their beloved pet for no other reasons than their own selfish wishes and wants.

The company Genetic Saving & Clone promise to clone five cats for $50,000, which Hawthorne reported “that a quarter of the 60 million pet-owning households would consider cloning their furry friends”.

Scientific research in the field of cloning should be used for the benefit of humanity and shouldn’t be conducted for the profit.

Since the first cloning success story of Dolly the Sheep, many people thought that cloning could now be used to their advantage.

In the articles of “Science: The Clone Factory” by Charles Clover and Clive Cookson stated that Chinese biotech Companies “aspire to be world leaders in some of the most advanced and controversial biotech” because they would like to be the top company to use biotech technology.

The scientific communities of other countries have concerns because they see cloning as a lower standard of ethic.

Until recently, discussions about human cloning were conducted within the realm of science fiction and fantasy.

However, with the successful cloning of the sheep "Dolly" in 1997, it became evident that sooner or later, scientists might be able to clone human beings, too.

One of the first issues that come to the minds of people is the low success rate.

As of right now the success rate of cloning is under 10%.


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