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However, that does not mean you can't complain about there being too much homework if the homework burden for the course is indeed higher than average for courses at the same general level.

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Be professional, be informative and try to adopt a neutral perspective.

For example, if the instructor assigned homework that was designed to get you to analyze and thus better understand the material, complaining that the homework was pointless might not be an effective complaint.

In either way most students lamented that, they learnt a lot from the course and expected to improve their lives in one way or another. The lecturer managed to teach various levels of family dynamics within the expected timeframe, and in the most systematic way.

The mentioned outcomes on the students always revealed in each classroom session, and with time, the students had developed a sense of connection with the lecturer and would freely express their views and experiences without fear.

The lecturer was able to teach in the most practical way, making everyone to participate in asking and answering questions, making the course even more enjoyable.

She always asked practical questions that apply in real life, used pictures and videos to teach and expected every student to relate to some issues raised during the course of study.

Fill in the correct name for the course and the correct name for the instructor.

There is no point in completing the course evaluation if you cannot get the information to the right person.

Knowing their strong points will help your instructors refine their teaching methods for the future.

Comment on what aspects of the course need improvement.


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