Essay Comparing The French And American Revolutions

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As the Haitian Revolution was an up rise against the power of France.

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That is exactly what they did they asserted their rights and concluded that this was the right thing to do.

They proved to the world that America was capable of taking on the world? Soon after garnering their independence the founding fathers of America established the law and created a system that would avoid what they had in Britain where one man had too much power.

As most of the problems they had they tried to fix without war but were obligated to finally in the end declare their independence through war with Great Britain.

As it is stated in the Declaration when any form of government becomes destructive or ineffective it the responsibility and duty of the people to abolish said government and establish a new form.

The booklet was translated for the English-speaking world soon after publication.

The translation was done by John Quincy Adams, the son of our second president, and a man who was destined to become our sixth president.The Sons of Liberty of group of colonist who rallied together to fight in an effort to win the war dressed up as Native Americans boarded and English vessel and dumped all the tea it had on board into Boston harbor. Another sign was when the Boston Massacre occurred.Soldiers openly fired on a group of colonist killing five.They set up a system of checks and balances and look where they are today. There are some similarities and differences between the American and French Revolutions.They owed about million to France in money borrowed for war efforts.The national government owed the people over million and the state governments owed their citizens over million.This year was significant because Washington and Adams had both been Federalists, and with the election of Jefferson, a Republican, it was possible to see the rise of normal “politics,” and peaceful transitions of power.America had survived—but what was the of this thing that had survived?Both nations of France and Britain were greatly burdened with financial debt as a result of The French Revolution and in Britain because of the French and Indian War. Middle Similarly we can see how the people of America were oppressed and then compelled to revolt against their superior.The colonists were not being worked as slaves but rather were being affected financially heavily as Britain was trying to cover its cost for the French and Indian War by heavily taxing the colonies.


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