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Fusion is barely alive when Spider-Man shows up and calls the villain an ambulance.

Fusion has taken 50 people hostage during a "Billy Goodman: Choose your path to success" seminar.

However, Spider-Man was eventually able to see through this ruse and defeat Fusion, who turned out to be such a bad father, he got his own son's name wrong.

For more information see: Operation: Octopus Fusion catches Doctor Octopus, working in his company under an alias and seeming manipulates him into helping him create prosthetic limbs that can be used to mind control their users.

Through Fusion's suggestion power he can:* Suggest an event to happen, and it will.

He can manipulate the thoughts of others into making them do what he wishes.* He can make himself look like any person (normally taking on a superhero's form).

DIVISION LINES Before this dovetails into a discussion about whator anything from Fort Thunder.

The world of comics has gotten pretty expansive in the past decade, but there remain the two dominant categories in which all of it is shuffled under.

Once Thor shows up Fusion asks him one question, "Can you bring my son back? If the gods stepped in and did these things people would lose free will and be nothing more then puppets for the gods.

Fusion believes Thor is bluffing and demands the hostages to leave.


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