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Let us first know about the list of the World Population Day 2019 Themes The World Population Day is celebrated by the United Nations annually on the July 11 to create awareness about the global issue of increasing population in the world.

According to stats, the current population is more than 7 billion which is predicted to increase by an alarming rate by 2030.

It is confirmed that the United Nations along with the women activists, governments of different nations will be finishing this unmet business of calling a program for action for the same in the month of November.

The meeting will be held in Kenya as Nairobi Summit The World Population Day 2020 will be celebrated on the July 11 which is a Saturday.

It is an irony that even when the fertility levels will continue to decline, the population rate will cross a sky high.

As an individual, we can also help these organisations in spreading awareness about the consequences of increasing population on Earth.

This inception of the World Population Day dates back to the year 1987.

This historic step of celebrating the World Population Day was adapted by the then governing council of the United Nations Program. When in the same year on July 11, the population of the world reached to Five Billion, there was a call to attention which is why the day was also termed as the ” Day of Five Billion”.

It was first introduced and purposed by Dr KC Zachariah who was working in the World Bank when the population reached Five Billion on July 11, 1987.

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