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They are very essential to ensure safety of various road users and as well as their easy commuting.

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We have slow moving traffic like – rickshaws, carts along with cars, buses, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians and often animals; all using the same road.

Besides, motorcyclists, bicycle riders and pedestrians are the most vulnerable, as they are difficult to spot on a crowded and busy road.

Where and Why Are Traffic Signals Installed Traffic signals are installed at road intersections and at pedestrian crossings.

Intersections are the vital junction points where, an unregulated traffic flow could lead to accidents and long traffic congestions.

Conclusion Wearing helmet while riding a bike or bicycle is meant for safety of the rider.

Likewise, there are many rules like wearing seat belts while driving, driving within limited speed, no drunken driving, giving way to pedestrians (as they are most vulnerable), following traffic signals and signs; all are designed for the safety of road users and ensure their easy transit.Even vendors and road side stalls could be easily spotted encroaching on the road.With so much huge variety of vehicles and different commuters, it becomes imperative to design specific rules, to be followed while using the road in order to ensure safe transit for everyone. They are a set of rules and regulations formulated, to be obeyed while using the roads.Though, it didn’t last for even a month and exploded.The first traffic light in India was installed in 1953, at Egmore Junction near Chennai – the capital of southern Indian state Tamil Nadu.Traffic signals are also installed at rail road crossings and on connecting roads to hospitals, schools or other significant junctions.Traffic Signals History World’s first traffic signal was installed in London in 1868, it was a gas lit signal operated manually.Traffic lights alternate the right of way for vehicles passing through the intersection, thus making the commuting easy.Traffic signals are also installed at pedestrian crossings to regulate their movement, alternatively it with the vehicles’.How Traffic Rules Improve Safety The traffic rules and regulations are designed in such a way, so that they ensure the safety of all the commuters.Some rules are formulated for specific types of users, while some are common.


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