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My favorite hobby is creative writing that I enjoy doing.

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Obviously, no you cannot, you do need an activity to pass the time otherwise, and you will get mad of boredom so, therefore, it is very important to have a hobby, do anything you like or that makes you happy so that you feel energetic while at work.

It is a very subjective question because it depends on person to person.

So they like to dress up, while other people like to stay in bed with their favorite novel, so it all depends on what you like you do in your free time.

Can you live without doing absolutely nothing in your free time?

Hobby is something that keeps you busy in your leisure time and it can be anything cooking, knitting or even singing.

Hobbies are the activities that are done on a daily basis and without engaging in any of the hobbies the person gets bored or might face physiological issues.But watching too much TV is also not good, so I watched it for a few hours so that I can also focus on my studies.Different people have different hobbies, and it tells a lot about the kind of person they are.Some people have hobbies like collecting coins or stamps, and they also know a lot about these things because they love to collect these things, so it depends on person to person that what hobbies they have.Because every person has different likes and dislikes and it’s also important to have a hobby so that people get distracted from their stressful routine and get some me time.Like people like to do gardening, dancing singing or painting which shows that they a creative mind.While, some people watching TV, enjoy being with their friends and family and cooking for them that shows that these people are very expressive and outgoing and love their family and friends.Some people who are more inclined towards entertainment would say that singing and dancing is the best hobby.Whereas, people that are interested in being artistic they would say that it is reading, writing or even painting.There can be many hobbies that are good for you, and you will be able to explore your creative sides like writing, reading, painting, photography, singing or dancing.These are the hobbies that are related to creativity and require a lot of effort and hard work, but a person will only put hard work in a hobby that he is interested in.


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