Essay About Pros And Cons Of Using Nuclear Power

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A wind turbine requires a lot of open land, in order to operate properly (Bernard, n. The cons of hydro power are as follows: 1) One of the cons of hydro power is the cost of constructing the dam.

2) The dams have to be built to the highest of standards. The pros of biofuels are as follows: 1) Biofuels produce less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases than a fossil fuel like oil.

The pros of fossil fuels are as follows: 1) One of the advantages of fossil fuels is their existence as high efficiency sources of energy.

The reason for this is that, when consumed they produce large amounts of usable energy.

3) And last but not least, another con that really is troublesome is the trouble of disposing of the waste.

Anti Penalty Argument Essay - Essay About Pros And Cons Of Using Nuclear Power

For one, the waste can last for a couple hundred years. Also, due to the fact that the extraction and refining processes don’t take long, the fuels are able to be converted from their crude form into forms that could be used for a number of different purposes (Buzzle. 3) The third advantage that fossil fuels have is the ease at which they can be transported.Fossil fuels like coal are able to be transported by train, while oil and natural gas are transported by pipelines. Now, the cons of fossil fuels are as follows: 1) One of the major cons of fossil fuels is the danger they pose to the atmosphere.This ease of transportation enables the places that convert these fossil fuels into usable forms, to not have to worry much about location (Buzzle. 4) And lastly, fossil fuels are not only used for energy, but also to create byproducts such as plastic that are used in almost everything (Locsin, n. The burning of fossil fuels causes the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.This is bad because carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.They are an important source of energy that we have come to rely on, however, these days there many discussions have been taking place concerning their usage and the impact they play on the environment.As such, I will now list the pros and cons of fossil fuels.2) The second advantage is that it is a clean source of energy. The pros of wind power are as follows: 1) It is a renewable source of energy. 3) It won’t take long to recover the cost of purchasing and installing the wind turbine. The cons of wind power are as follows: 1) One of the cons of wind power is its inconsistency. The pros of hydro energy are as follows: 1) Hydro power is a clean, renewable source of energy. 3) And lastly, solar energy is a free source of energy, and its solar panels require almost no maintenance (Energy for Mankind. The cons of solar energy are as follows: 1) Solar energy can only produce its maximum of energy during the day, and when the sun is shining the longest. 3) And lastly, a lot of space is needed in order so the exact amount of solar panels that are needed could be installed (Energy for Mankind. ) And finally, a cool advantage of wind power is the fact that the electric company will reward for any excess energy that you produce but don’t use (Bernard, n. Since wind does not blow continually, wind turbines usually operate at 30% of their capacity. 3) And lastly, another con of wind power is location. 2) With the construction of a dam, there will be an abundance of electricity produced for many years. These changes were to take place in the month of August of 2006. On the other hand, in the provision about the creation of the Energy Star program, the government created the program under the DOE and Environmental Protection Agency.


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