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Anh stayed close by, but for the most part left us to our own devices.

Constantly checking our dive computers and heading, we started to explore around the dive site to see what we could find.

We much prefer to go on word of mouth from people we meet than a dodgy trip advisor review, so we headed straight for Nha Trang Fun Divers as soon as we got to town.

Run by Hamit, a cheerful Turkish man, the outfit seemed to be quite professional and we asked to inspect the equipment before signing up.

After becoming certified back in 2011 on the beautiful island of Utila, off the coast of Honduras, we’ve breathed underwater in 7 countries, more than 50 times.

It surprisingly became a massive passion of ours, and is something that we hope to pursue for years to come.We spotted some more nudibranchs, a lion fish, lizard fish and of course more than a few Nemo’s – clown fish.Lesh and I took this opportunity to really focus on our buoyancy and calm breathing patterns.While not brand new or flawless, the regulators, BCDs, wetsuits, masks and fins all seemed to be in pretty good condition.With the weather forecast the next day to be sunny, we felt confident in handing over our money to go see what the scuba diving in Nha Trang had to offer.While there wasn’t an abundance of marine life, the dive was still quite fun as we hit a bottom depth of 20m and slowly started making our way up, floating amongst pinnacles and rocky outcrops.We found a few nudibranchs and some other muck life, and even spotted some moray eels, box fish, banner fish and cleaning shrimp.The final ok was given, and we descended down into the warm waters.Visibility was a lot better than we had expected – around 10m – with almost zero current.The highlight for us however was a couple of narrow swim-throughs, and one small cave we explored which has always been a favourite part of diving for me.We surfaced after 55 minutes with huge smiles on our faces.


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