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Art went through a tremendous amount of development in ancient Greece from the archaic to the Hellenistic eras.

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Her garments appear to subtly stick to her body because of the water and whip wildly in the wind.

The piece was displayed in the upper basin of a two-tiered fountain with the statue reflecting in the water to create the effect of lightness and movement.

Artists during the Hellenistic period were very aware of how their subjects interacted with their environment.

The sculpture of Nike on a Warship (Nike of Samothrace ca 190 BCE) depicts the goddess Nike with elaborate wings and wind attacking her drapery.

In essence the art of each era reflected the eras philosophical standing.

Archaic art is a silent witness to the extraordinary development western society was about to undertake.

His hair seems soft and natural and his face embodies so much agony.

His muscles are flexing exactly where they should be with veins popping out on his arms as he struggles to pull serpents off of his body.

Sculpture emerged as a principle form of artistic expression.

There were magnificent statues of nude walking youths.


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