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Miller is clever in an aspect, as he’s presenting to very strong, crossed minded individuals, at a time in which a women would be very unstable about as of the aspects of the war. He asked me here and I’m staying till he tells me to go.” The behaviour of George comes as a surprise.

Many of things divide both Kate and Ann in which case causes many of disagreements. Kate shows that she is a strong person, with a strong personal bond between them towards him: “Mother (Cups his face in her hands.) They have made an old man out of you. In which case Kate begins to start seeing Ann as her rival, and gradually discovering how my collisions they have, and the way Miller makes the link between Ann as an outsider and George also, “she doesn’t belong here.” But although Miller introduces Ann as an outsider, she she’s been accepted into the Keller household.

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(Touches his hair.) In this, it causes slight friction between Kate and Ann: “… Friction in personalities between Ann and Kate increase as the play goes on.

Miller presents this as of Chris’s male domination, power and the control in which he has over them, especially Kate: “how dare you pack her bag?However, Kate and Ann are the victims of the disastrous event, of the Keller family.Moreover, they’re seeking to survive in a world characterised by the battles between men, and their views on the perfect family and the American dream.You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.Ann, like Kate, is presented as a very opinionated, however shows no outer feelings of devious, but also no inner feelings fragility. Whether you wanted to or not you’ve crippled him in front of me.” Ann here is suggested as an outsider, and is trying to help provide a cushion to move the family on as of the past was bad, and try making their future brighter by destroying it physically through the power of her character as a female in this play.Kate shows full control over Ann ever since the beginning of the play, this may prove she’s a stronger character with a greater personality; also Ann is the younger of the two and may be venerable, and feel like she has to follow the instructions, this may show that Kate’s using an as a scapegoat, and a utility to connect with Larry.Chris’ brutality towards his mother needs to destroy Kate’s faith in Larry in order to win Larry over”…I’m his brother and he’s dead, and I’m marrying his girl.” At this point in the play the tension is huge.Kate’s and Ann’s relationship begins to become tense as their personalities and emotions contrast, as the truth about Joe begins to come out.Moreover, there characters begin to show how strong they actually are, as they are very strong minded and extremely strong minded, in which brings tension and friction between their personalities.


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