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Effects of Environmental Pollution: Environmental pollution has been a challenge in India.

The adverse effects are specific to the type of pollution although some may cut across.

Based on the pollutants and the pollution caused in the components of the environment, the environmental pollution may be classified as follows: i. The environmental pollution has greatly affected the quality of life for animals, plants and humans.

Hazardous effects including diseases that have emerged as a result of environmental pollution.

So in other words, how would we come up with subsections? So the three aspects, three causes, three things that cause the global warming are things like : Because the sun does indeed shine and it is known that in throughout history that the climate has been changing. We could talk about the people and nature in the effects. Because we wouldn’t really want to talk about industry. If we don’t do something about it, how would we as human beings be affected?

Environment Essay Writing

We actually know that climate does change naturally because in the past we didn’t have all the manufacturer and everything but the big corporations, we still had climate fluctuations. I took out industry from here because I don’t really care (who really cares) how global warming affects big corporations and their profits. And how would our environment be affected, meaning the nature (animals and plant life.) Hope this makes sense. How this pollution affects us and how it is caused has been a matter of study for years.It the need of today to understand the effects of environmental pollution and what should be done to minimise it.Environmental pollution is basically the contamination of environment’s nature in both physical and biological systems which affects the normal functioning of the environment.Types and Causes of Environmental Pollution: The types of environmental pollution are specific to causes and components of the environment.The main pollutants are industries because industries emit harmful gases in the atmosphere, which cause air pollution, industrial effluents are also discharged into water bodies causing water pollution.Other pollutants include smoke from combustion, greenhouse gasses emission e.g., carbon dioxide which is high in India.This is a global issue, which is seen commonly in all countries, including the third–world countries, irrespective of their developmental statuses. Environmental pollution is when human activities introduce contaminants in the environment, thereby leading to the disruption of the routine processes, causing irreversible changes in the environment. Thermal Pollution Conclusion: Any natural resource found in the environment, when used at a higher rate than the ability of its restoration, leads to depletion, thereby causing environmental pollution.The agents causing pollution are called pollutants. This will lead to the declination of environmental quality and is evidenced by the loss of biodiversity, loss of flora and fauna, the introduction of new diseases and stressful life in the human population, etc.In todays’ video, you will learn how to write an essay about the environment.This will work for classes such as Sociology, Political Science, Natural Science, any other discipline or even for work.


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