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He says "In this mood of mind I betook myself to the mathematics, and the branches of study appertaining to that science, as being built upon secure foundations, and so worthy of my consideration."He is able to study whatever field he wants, when he wants to study it.The fields of science were rapidly advancing, because of the new freedom that was part of the cause of the Enlightenment thinkers.Equality would grant all men a say in their government and let them explore the world around them.

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Abbe Sieyes says "Inequalities of wealth or ability are like the inequalities of age, sex, size, etc.

However, at the time of the Enlightenment, most things that a nation did only benefited the few people in the upper classes.

This probably drove the Enlightenment thinkers to feel contempt for those people in power.

The Enlightenment thinkers knew that they should have an equal say in the government.

I answer that I am neither, and that is why I do so." The first part of his statements shows how politics had been viewed before the Enlightenment.

Only the nobles or other high officials were allowed to participate in politics.

The Enlightenment was a period of much intellectual and social growth. During the Enlightenment, people started to believe that all men were free people.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen states "Men are born and remain free and equal in rights." This was a new concept at the time.

His reply to that answer shows that the Enlightenment thinkers believed they had the same rights as anyone else to participate in politics and government.

The Enlightenment thinkers wanted everyone to have the same political rights.


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