Endangered Animals Photo Essay

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• What are you now thinking about your proposed solution, having learned about it, presented it and received feedback? After students have had a chance to reflect on the panel’s feedback, they can refine their solution further.________Oecophora bractella, left, a moth native to ancient forests in Europe, was first seen alive in North America on Carol Kaesuk Yoon's living room window.

• What are you now thinking about the question of how to help endangered species? A clutch of house sparrow eggs were found abandoned in her birdhouse.1.

Some of the articles above discuss the challenges to arriving at accurate population counts for endangered species.

These numbers can be very important for swaying public opinion and affecting public policy.

The author writes, “Gerardo Ceballos, a researcher at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in Mexico City, acknowledged that the study is written in usually alarming tones for an academic research paper. Ehrlich, one of the study’s authors, states: “There is only one overall solution, and that is to reduce the scale of the human enterprise.

‘It wouldn’t be ethical right now not to speak in this strong language to call attention to the severity of the problem,’ he said.”• What evidence in the article supports the claim that this is a severe problem? Do you think scientists have an ethical obligation to speak out when a problem seems so severe? Population growth and increasing consumption among the rich is driving it.”• What do you think it would look like to “reduce the scale of the human enterprise”? • What other evidence in the article supports the claim that humans are the ones driving this “global epidemic” of declines in animal populations? As a class, you can discuss: Which of these possible solutions seems the most promising?

As students present the problem and proposed solution, the panel should take notes, ask questions and make recommendations.

At the end of the presentations, ask students to engage in some process writing:• What was this process like for you?

The center will also allow for the study of rare plants.

While a design this ambitious may seem like it could never leave the concept stage, there's good reason to believe Samoo will follow through: in collaboration with another design firm, it recently saw through the construction of another ambitious conservation project in South Korea — the snaking National Ecology Center.


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