Eighner Dumpster Diving Essay

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Eighner besides speaks of pride in a different sense every bit good. the points being discarded is besides pride in the 1s that have more than plenty. ( Page 20 ) Eighner ever made the term Dumpster frogman seem elegant. Shame is something that is felt by all at different points in our lives merely as the “divers” felt.

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we ne’er learn the value of things nor do we larn to appreciate them. I believe that us as Americans waste so much that we have forgotten the value of truly life and retrieving others less fortunate ; I know I have.

I believe this because I have been given so much in life and used so small. While reading this transition it has changed my mentality on life and how much I consume and will devour in the hereafter.

Eighner shows us that no affair what life may throw our manner we can last and crush the odds.

Professor Trish Ivey English 1101-40404 4 February 2015 Lars Eighner Dumpster Diving Experience Dumpster diving has been going on for decades all around the world.

“At foremost the new scavenger is filled with disgust and self-loathing.

He is ashamed of being seen and may skulk around” .

I believe that readers will react with pity, disgust, and sympathy.

The reason I say pity and sympathy is because no one wants to see anybody down on their luck that bad.

I don’t think the author is being hard on college students. I feel that dumpster diving is very disgusting, but I can’t judge anybody.

I say this because most college students do exactly what he said they do. Everybody’s life is not pure gold which means everybody live different lives.


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