Effect Of Technology On Education Research Paper

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Positive effects have been found in all major subject areas, from preschool to higher education, both regular and special needs students.

Positive effects have been found in all major subject areas, from preschool to higher education, both regular and special needs students.Educational technology has been found to have a positive effect on a student’s attitude toward learning and on self-concepts.Students are more likely to use a computer to get help because they can to it themselves.

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One of the most fundamental golden rules that have to be observed when using technology in education is that moderation is everything and this is because of the fact that technology can easily be overused within the classroom, and this can cause a negative effect on the entire learning experience.

Technology in education is a touchy subject in the United States.

Many parents believe that technology will only hurt their child in future, while some believe that technology will help their child.

The use of technology in education has to be moderated because it is a fact that books have been and still are the most credible source of academic information for centuries, and without books, one would conclude that there can be no history.

Gelenter further states that “teaching children to understand the orderly unfolding of a plot or argument is a critical part of education and this is why the study of stories and arguments is only possible through books and because of the developing lack of interest in them, slowly but surely, students are likely to end up without a culture of analyzing their environment.However, despite the large reserves of information within this technology, the internet does not have the qualities which books have because most of the information gotten from it is often instant and shallow.The internet does not allow individuals to contemplate on the information which they have just received, as books do and the lack of independent thought because of the absence of books is likely to put the human race into a dark age of intellectual stagnation.Some children have to show themselves how to do things and technology will allow that.Technology has many different effects on education, one of them being enhancing the students learning.The introduction of technology into the learning environment has allowed the learning to be more student-centered, to encourage group learning, and helps to stimulate an increase in the student-teacher interaction.Technology has shown a shift from a focus on a student’s memorization to their problem solving.Due to the technology increase many schools are reporting higher test scores.One example is Northbrook Middle School in Houston Texas.Parents have to be open and must allow themselves, to see what is happening before they make their decision.As a college student who would like to become a teacher, I believe that technology will help a child.


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