Ecosystem Essay Introduction

These are both biotic and abiotic, inorganic and organic, and are exchanged between organisms and between organisms and the environment (previously covered in part in Chapter 4).Resources are the materials cycled by the inhabitants of an ecosystem as they carry on with life processes.

Abiotic factors include things such as rocks,water,soil,light,rocks etc...

The idea of the ecosystem relates to the idea that all organisms in the environment are engaged in relationships with every other aspect (like resources and other organisms) in that environment.

Plants themselves interact and exchange materials with the soil and the atmosphere and are dependent on radiation from the sun and the activity of earthworms and fungi in the soil.

The latter, in turn, feed upon organic molecules left behind from the death of former living plants (and field mice).

Essential are certain components that we alluded to in our description of parts of the ecosystem supporting habitat for the Field mouse, and these we will next explore in detail.

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In attempting to understand any interactive, complex system, especially one as elaborate as even a simple ecosystem, it is helpful to break the system down into various component parts.

But that activity is but a moment in time and cannot, by itself, define an ecosystem.

The mouse must leave the burrow for food, interacting with plants.

Ecosystems deal with energy and nutrient flow through a system/community.

For example, a household or a university could be described as an ecosystem, and a city or a state could be described as a larger ecosystem.


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