Economics Literature Review

Most of the following journals are available at Cowles Library.

All other economics journals may be accessed by interlibrary loan or through Cowles Library online sources. Almost anyone's list of the top journals in economics would probably include the following.

Once you have a few recent papers you can normally use the bibliography to steer you towards further readings.

Of course, as well as reading the articles, you need to demonstrate that you understand them.

Papers submitted to journals for possible publication are typically sent by the editor to two or three referees (or reviewers) for evaluation.

Referees are experts in the subject area of the paper, typically college or university professors.

You may want to follow this route – or you may decide to omit the literature review entirely.

But many students normally spend some time making a separate section in which they discuss the existing literature.

Identifying which articles are important is a stumbling block.

Asking members of your department or supervisors for key readings can get you started.


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