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OHE provides a range of consulting services, some examples of which are provided in the case studies below.The content and posting of each case study have been approved by the client.

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To learn more about OHE Consulting’s services, please contact Graham Cookson telephone: 44 (0)20 7747 1412 The role of payers has grown significantly over the past decade to one that influences virtually every step of the development and marketing of a new medicine.

OHE Consulting was asked by a global pharmaceutical company to develop a set of recommendations for improving engagement with payers.

They also underwrote the schools' finances: students were willing to pay $100,000 in fees and living expenses (and forgo even more in income) because they were all but guaranteed jobs in these high-paying industries.

But banks and consulting firms are increasingly recruiting people without MBAs, particularly mathematicians and computer scientists. Why lose a hard-working 25-year-old for a couple of years when you can train him internally and keep him at the coal face?

The UK government is implementing a new, "value-based" approach to the pricing of branded medicines in 2014.

OHE Consulting was commissioned by a global pharmaceutical company to prepare and lead a one-day workshop to help the company define the market access implications for its pipeline of products.The newcomers will have some of the most enviable jobs in academia. Chicago's business school changed its name to Booth when an alumnus handed it 0m. It has also dented their market: Wall Street laid off 240,000 people in the 18 months from the middle of 2007.The business-education market has been booming for decades: the number of MBAs awarded by American business schools swelled from 21,561 in 1969-70 to 150,211 in 2006-07. But the schools' problems are deeper than this, as a new book* by three of Mr Nohria's colleagues at HBS makes clear.OHE Consulting advised our client on how best to address pricing and reimbursement challenges presented by changing health technology assessment requirements in Europe.The project also suggested how the company might influence policy decisions.The project provided the company with a firm foundation for rethinking its priorities and strategy toward payers.Patient-reported outcomes are becoming required routinely in health technology assessments that support decisions about pricing and reimbursement.Howard County, Iowa • Average winter 17° F • Average summer 70° F • Average annual precipitation 40 inches • 2,300 acres of row crops • Corn-soybean rotation • Mostly loam soil, generally slopes of 2-5% with a few areas of 4-7% • 25 years of no-till, 3 years of cover crops Although some experts have said this region is too far north for cover crops, careful and thorough management of the process can make them work.• Cover crops have helped decrease white mold in soybeans and weed pressure • Using cover crops makes landowners more likely to rent to you, because they can see that you will be taking care of their land.The business-school boom depended largely on the idea that MBAs were entry tickets to the world's two most lucrative professions: investment banking and consultancy.These trades not only consumed more than half the graduates of the leading schools.


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