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Zebra mussles and their strangulation of the great lakes, Canadian geese, the black squirrel killing off all the other squirrels, the Kudzu vine.

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There are many questions that bother a student who starts writing a biology paper: These are only a few questions you should ask yourself whenever there is a need to work on a research project for college, university, or even school.

However, one the most significant questions – where to look for good topics for a biology research paper and how to choose one that suits you?

You could also investigate into the interactions with spotted owls and barred owls or European starlings and native cavity nesting birds.

Finding a great topic for a study can be challenging.

I believe there is something going on with tortoises in the galapagos, and panthers in florida, and i remember a case study i read long ago about an ibex species or some other ungulate introduced in europe that failed.

I think some researchers are also considering introducing urchins to algae-covered reef areas near the Jamaican islands, as a natural event like this had cleared out algae in a small area and had facilitated the growth of new corals.This allows you to have a research process that will be without excessive stress.Use our list of interesting science topics in writing your own paper. Our educated experts will choose the best biology topics for a research paper and write top-level papers within the shortest time!Does anyone have any thoughts on this topic or relevant literature in this area?High elevation ponds have been historically stocked with fish for recreational fishing, and subsequently out-competed/ate amphibian species which often led to extirpation.Work on any academic assignment starts with choosing a topic.This rule applies to all situations, regardless if you have to write a biology lab report, essay, research, or any other paper.I'm not at my computer right now, so sorry for the lack of detail, but I hope this helps!If you want a hypothesis-based lit review, my suggestion (from my own background in canid research) would be to look at the failure of lethal control as an effective management strategy for livestock depredation and other predator-related issues. Why are some introduced species invasive and others not?Not sure if this would fall into the category of invasive species or not, but interesting nonetheless.Pretty sure there have been restoration efforts to restore healthy amphibian populations in these ponds.


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