Earthquake Natural Disaster Essay

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The seismicity or seismic activity of an area refers to the frequency, type and size of earthquakes experienced over a period of time.

So far, there have been sixty-two earthquakes in India.

On the scale, 2 is scarcely noticeable, and magnitude 5 (or more) causes damage over a wide area. This can cause just as much death and destruction as the earthquake itself. Earthquakes are caused by tectonic movements in the Earth's crust.

The main cause is when tectonic plates ride one over the other, causing orogeny (mountain building), and severe earthquakes.

Earthquake-proof buildings are constructed to withstand the destructive force of an earthquake.

This depends upon its type of construction, shape, mass distribution, and rigidity. Square, rectangular, and shell-shaped buildings can withstand earthquakes better than skyscrapers.During an earthquake flexible windows may help hold the windows together so they don’t break.An earthquake is a sudden shaking movement of the surface of the earth. Earthquakes can range in size from those that are so weak that they cannot be felt to those violent enough to toss people around and destroy whole cities.The first recorded earthquake in India was on 6th June 1505 it occurred in Saldang, Karnali zone.And the most recent one happened in India as on 31st January 2018 and occurred in Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. A seismometer detects the vibrations caused by an earthquake. The strength, or magnitude, of an earthquake, is measured using the Richter scale.To reduce stress, a building's ground floor can be supported by extremely rigid, hollow columns, while the rest of the building is supported by flexible columns inside the hollow columns.Another method is to use rollers or rubber pads to separate the base columns from the ground, allowing the columns to shake parallel to each other during an earthquake.Seismology studies the cause, frequency, type and size of earthquakes. Large earthquakes can take down buildings and cause death and injury. The strength, or magnitude, of an earthquake, is measured using the Richter scale. They do know where earthquakes may occur, such as close to the fault lines.Earthquakes are measured using observations from seismographs. Earthquakes sometimes hit cities and kill hundreds or thousands of people.An aftershock is in the same region of the main shock but always of a smaller magnitude.Aftershocks are formed as the crust adjusts to the effects of the main shock.


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