Earth Science Week Essay

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This Earth Science Week, join thousands across the country on a special mission to explore citizen science, participate in webinars and engage with NASA earth scientists. This exciting opportunity takes a little bit of planning because you’ll need to find and coordinate with a satellite passing overhead, but you can do it. Tina Harte, education specialist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia, will explore an exciting new resource for exploring real science data and making Earth system connections. Discover how to integrate the National Climate Assessment into your STEM classroom through NASA hands-on activities with NASA education specialist Marilé Colón Robles, The entire session and lessons will be in Spanish. The concept maps and other materials presented are freely available online.

It doesn’t matter where you live, how much you may or may not know about clouds, or your age. The MY NASA DATA -- GLOBE e Poster and activities for K-12 students will be discussed, with a focus on those meeting Next Generation Science Standards performance expectations, science practices and cross-cutting concepts related to K-12 Earth systems. Instructions will be provided to give participants access to the maps after the webinar.

Born 201 years ago today, she was the 1st woman inducted into the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1st female astronomy professor in the U. & a founding member of the American Association for the Advancement of Women🔭 JBPv Sma July 30, 1920, birthday of American #geologist Marie Tharp.

Created 1st global map of seafloor, her proposal that mid-ocean ridges are rift zones providing a mechanism for plate tectonics was dismissed as "girl talk" 🌍 #trowelblazer #STEM #OTD…

Their site has lots of other cool activities too, check them out! 🌊⛴️🌊 Kb Oh PPc Happy birthday to American astronomer Maria Mitchell!

📽️🔥🌋🌪️🌱🐚💧🌧️🌟 This six-minute clip features eye-popping cinematography and computer-animation highlights from @AGI_Updates's "Faces of Earth" mini-series on The Science Channel.

#Earth Science Week #Education #Earth Science…

Happy discovery-day @SUEthe Trex 🎂🦖… Teachers, are you taking NOAA resources #Back To School? Qgg Explore #sea level change through a free app called "Polar Explorer: Sea Level." See how #ice, #oceans, #precipitation, & #temperatures have changed over time & listen as scientists explain what you're seeing and why.

We’ve got videos, lesson plans, activities, and more! @Po LAR_CCEP Learn more here: M6 Vm DVti OBL If you're hosting an event for the public during #Earth Science Week 2019 (October 13-19), let people know about it!


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